There are some points we will like to make reference as it is very important for a client to know what to expect from our Agency and why we are one of the best options to choose from in all Costa del Sol.
All agencies have the same portfolio and the same properties. Working with several agencies and agents is very confusing. When you meet an agent it is very recommendable for you to choose if he/she is trustworthy or not. The best professional might be working at a recognized brand and sometimes not, so it’s possible that regardless of brand the agent you need could be the one next door. Therefore it is recommended not to sign exclusivity, since nobody guarantees sale and rely exclusively on the results. The agent is the one who should know what to show you and what you want, therefore only if you are not happy with the agent you should go and look for another but going with several agencies at the same time they will show you the same properties.

Do not worry about what they will charge. If they are good professionals they will sell your house faster, saving money from the point of view of avoiding price cuts in the future. The service is a commission that the agent gets if they do sell your property. If they do not sell and do not give a result, there is no charge at all.

Homeowners who carry a year selling their flat have been losing their value by 20% in many cases and sometimes more. Many of which carry more than a year without success selling their home are those who hope to sell without any advice

Choose judiciously results; if you choose the property well, you will have more chances of success in the sale.

Look to have networks of action. Another indication of professionalism is to detect the estate collaborate. True professionals can not waste opportunities or fail to provide you excellent customer service for not having the exact house that is being demanded.

Invite qualified real estate buyers. Make sure that the agency is properly selecting your prospective buyer: do not let them take customers whose financing have not studied previous form. Or that the characteristics of your home do not fit the customer needs or tastes.

Be patient. Selling is an art and a science. Moreover, in these times of oversupply in the housing market, it is possible that many visitors are needed to sell your house. Not necessarily think that the agents are doing a bad job.

It is also important to ensure that the agency will keep track of your real estate process. This means that officials responsible to advise you and manage your case must inform all steps made changes and keep abreast of the process status.

If the reason for your search of an agency is selling a property, it is important that they will, always, offer qualified buyers. Thus, the agency must conduct a comprehensive study of the funding of potential buyers to select the best. If you want to buy a home, they must commit to analyze each of the legal documents by specialized lawyers, of potential properties.

When choosing a real estate agency you should be aware that they have to accompany and advise you throughout the process, from the first meeting until the signing of the property, whether it is for sale as for purchase, with a competent notary. Alemar Realty will definitely sort everything out for you from the first step to the last and we can keep in touch for any other needs the client might have. We take these steps seriously and hope to be of as much help as possible, caring for the client which most of them end up as our friends.