There are some points that we would like to refer, it is very important for the client know what to expect from Alemar Realty and can be your best choice to find or sell a property.

(1) all the agencies have the same portfolio and the same properties. It is very confusing to work with multiple agents. Is very advisable to choose an agent that is worthy of confidence for you. He best professional could be working in a brand recognized or not, by what is recommended is direct to whom you report more confidence. Therefore, it is recommended not to sign exclusivity, since no one can guarantee the sale and they are exclusively based on the results. He agent is which should know what teach you and what you want to, therefore, only if not is satisfied with the agent there are that go and search another, but go with several simultaneously means that all you displayed them same properties. Our agents have a huge knowledge of the area, very important at the time of deciding where buy. Apart from the locationhave all the information required about the property, the place, them advantages and disadvantages of the operation that is goes to perform and is you will inform each detail, it reliability is it more important for us.

(2) when band your property, not is worry about what le van to collect. If are good professional van to sell your House more quickly, saving money from the point of view of avoid cuts of prices in the future. The agencies charge a 5% of the value that the owner wants to sell his property so no worry to pay professionals, since they will be charged if they finally sold their property, if they do not, there is no charge.

(3) owners who have a year or more selling your floor, it has been losing its value by 20% in many cases, and sometimes more. Many of which carry more than one year without success are those who expect sell without no Council professional.

(4) choose the results judiciously; If you choose the property as well, you will have more chances to succeed on sale if you are looking for is a good investment. We have properties exponential that are perfect for a sale.

(5) another indication of professionalism is detect the collaboration with the promotions. The real professionals should not miss opportunities or not to provide an excellent service for not having accurate customer demands House.

(6) in these times of oversupply in the housing market, it is possible that many visitors need is to sell your home. Not necessarily there that think that those agents are making a bad work. Patience is also important to obtain the maximum performance of a sale, there are always customers for everything, like you bought your property, someone else will be interested in buying it.

(7) it is important to ensure that the Agency will follow up of its properties. This means that the agents responsible of advise and manage your case must inform of all them steps made, them changes and be tanto of the State of the process. To to take charge of everything from passport, NIE, residence papers etc. We can accompany you in all the steps that must be taken, so you don’t have to worry about other issues other than the election of your property.

(8) if the reason for the search of an agency is the sale of a property, it is important that this always, offers qualified buyers. Therefore, the Agency must make a study general of the funding of them buyers potential to select them best. If you want to buy a House, the Agency must commit itself to analyze each of the legal documents of potential properties by attorneys. This is something that Alemar Realty makes every day, so ensure you the time to put a property in our hands.

(9) for choose an agency should have in has that have that accompany you and advise you in all the process, from the first meeting until the signature of the property, already is for it sale as for it buy, before a notary competent.

Alemar Realty definitely can facilitate all for you from the first step to the last, keeping the contact for any other need that the customer may have. Take these steps in seriously and hope be of so much help as is possible, take care of our customers is it more important since this relationship, just being of friendship.