The contents of buying a property in Costa del Sol are much cheaper than in other Mediterranean countries in Europe. First of all, we should highlight:

1. IBI (property tax) – payable once a year. The amount depends on the quality and size of the property, ranging from 0.5 – 2% of the profit-earning value. The amount depends not only on the area of the property, but in factors such as the prestige of the area and the value of land.

2. Community “Comunidad” (the payment for the maintenance of the urbanization) – is paid once every 3 months. The duties include community pool cleaning, maintenance of garden / park, cleaning porches and the necessary repairs. The average amount of payment is 100 Euros per month, minimum is 20 Euros and the maximum can reach up to 1,500 Euros per month (luxury property). The owners of individual villas with their own garden and swimming pool hire staff independently.

3.            Utility bills (electricity, gas, water) – strictly according to the counters.

4.            Garbage collection – paid once a year, being around 80 Euros per year.

5.            House or apartment Insurance – paid once a year. The amount depends on the insurance company and the insured amount.

All of the above payments are made automatically through your Spanish bank account.

A detailed report describing all the data on consumption of water in cubic meters and electricity in kilowatts are sent to your address by post.

The cost of electricity is 0.086€/ Kw / h.

Fee for a landline phone is from 12 to 20 Euros per month. Internet / Wi-Fi from 20 to 50 Euros per month.

* The amount for the telephone and Internet line installation may vary depending on the prices of specific companies.

This is the specific description of the maintenance costs when buying a property in Costa del Sol.