Spanish resort of Málaga on the Costa del Sol is conveniently located in the heart of the coast of the Mediterranean Sea. Gorgeous beaches, warm sunshine, scenic walking paths and embankments – these are just a small part of all the advantages of the city. Acquisition of property in Málaga will allow you at any season of the year to visit this magnificent corner of the Mediterranean paradise. The unique geographical position of the shoreline, protected from the cold north wind, provide the city with a wonderful climate indescribably comfortable weatherIt becomes clear why everyone who has visited this stunning resort at least once, want to come here more often or is thinking about buying an apartment in Malaga or the surrounding areas. Well developed infrastructure makes this city an ideal place to relax and longer stays. There is a myriad of hotels of different levels. Tourists who prefer self-catering break popular rental properties in Málaga throughout the holiday season.

Properties for sale in Málaga

To the west of Málaga, Costa del Sol is decorated with beautiful cliffs and hills, in some places going down directly to the water’s edge. At the same time, the eastern part of the famous beaches with soft white sand, which in Andalusia is considered the best. This resort has a rich and long history, which allows guests to admire the well-preserved ancient fortress.

New buildings in the city can also boast a high level of construction. All real estate is located on the coast, including the comfortable apartments in Málaga city. Numerous shopping and entertainment centers give you the opportunity to enjoy all the benefits of civilization on the tropical coast.

Málaga – a paradise for gourmets. Here you have the opportunity to taste famous throughout the world of Spanish cuisine.

This town is also ideal for golfers, for which there are broken upscale field with all necessary infrastructure. If you are a fan of this sport, having your own apartment in Malaga will help you deal with interests as often as possible. For couples with children Costa del Sol offers many entertainment options: water and theme parks for amusement, magnificent tropical gardens, Sea-Life and Zoos and lots of “fun zones” for children.

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Being one of the smallest Spanish municipalities located on the Costa del Sol, Fuengirola ambitiously always presented itself as the touristic capital of the coast. This city is placed between Benalmádena and Torremolinos in the east and Marbella and Mijas Costa on the west, covers an area of only 10 square kilometers. At the time, the mayor of Esperanza Ona in one of his public appearances encouraged residents to “be very creative.”

A guide to Fuengirola conducts many activities in the field of culture: theater and music festivals, art and photo exhibitions, as well as increasingly popular Fair nations. During the exhibitions space becomes a breathtaking showcase, which shows the culture and cuisine of different countries – from Brazilian beauties in bikinis and Vietnamese specialties to Moroccan dancers and Argentine steaks.

Platforms for many activities are two symbolic landmarks: Fuengirola modern concert and exhibition center Palacio de Paz and Sohail Castle, towering over the city as the guardian of the majestic past.

Historical reference

Researchers believe that Fuengirola was founded by Phoenician and Iberian settlers, and then subsequently changed the power of the Romans and the Arabs. For some time the city even threatened seizure of Mediterranean pirates.

Touristic development of the city began in the 18th century. At that time, local residents began to provide lodging muleteers, sailors and travelers. Not far from the sea were erected huts, which formed a small village.

It dissociated itself from Mijas in 1841. Residents were engaged as a rule, fishing, and agriculture and traded with the sailors moored vessels. Since 1916, after the laying of the railway, in Fuengirola vacationers began to arrive early. The construction of various hotels and inns in the 1950s made the city’s leading tourist destination. This started sales in Fuengirola and increased the residential complex located on the sea front for rentals.


Status tourist Mecca purchased the central streets and the southern part of the city. Beautifully decorated promenade of Paseo Maritimo which stretches for seven kilometers and spacious beach is littered with fascinating sculptures and monuments. There are many institutions offering gourmet dishes with seafood. There are also fashion boutiques, nightclubs and bars, relevant even in Puerto Banús.

In contrast to the winding narrow streets of the old town on the outskirts of Fuengirola stands a modern shopping center, Parque Miramar.

Although Fuengirola is one of the most cosmopolitan towns of Spain, the city at the same time retained its charm of a traditional Spanish village.

Properties for sale in Fuengirola

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Spanish white village of Mijas is a real gem of the Costa del Sol, being one of the oldest towns here. The coast of the town looks like a toy, as if glued to the side of the mountain at an altitude of about 400 meters. It makes a lasting impression narrow, paved street of stone, the edges of which are located low, plastered and whitewashed houses with tiled roofs. All balconies and windows simply buried in flowers.

Mijas history can be traced back, even before our era, from the time of the Iberians who inhabited the area Turdetaniya (modern Andalucía). The name of these tribes and gave the name of the peninsula.

Historical reference

It was visited by Phoenicians, Greeks in search of minerals and precious metals, which were abundance here, and later the Romans. Claudius Ptolemy even outlined the settlement on their maps as Tamis. The settlement, which is located on the trade route between Malaga and Cadiz, the residents were active in trade with the envoys of the Roman Empire. This era is the emergence of the first vineyards, introduced by the Romans.

Romans changed the Visigoths, conquered the largest territory of all the barbarian states formed on the site of the defunct Roman Empire. In 714, the area captured Muslims who did not have enslaved the local population, but only required to pay taxes in the Emirate of Granada coffers.

In 1487, during the siege of the Catholic Kings of Malaga, Mijas resisted, with the result that, after the fall of the Emirate of Granada, residents were given slaves and their land and property was given to the peasants.

During the civil war, Mijas received an award for loyalty to King Carlos I and already in 1521 Juan gave him the title of city. During the 19th century the main income of the inhabitants of Mijas were fishing and agriculture, but in 1880 during the invasion of phylloxera killed all the vines. Residents had to retrain. New fishing was the production of paper, which comes in other regions, for the packaging of raisins.

Properties for sale in Mijas

In the 50 years of the twentieth century in Mijas opened the first hotel. This is due to the beginning of mass tourism on the Costa del Sol. It began to grow rapidly and transformed, Las Lagunas and La Cala de Mijas are the extensions that were made. “Mijas Pueblo” and coastal resort of “Mijas Costa” are the names given to these parts of the town to differ the coast from the inside. Properties at the sea in La Cala de Mijas are very popular. Here you can buy apartments on the beach as well as a villa with pool and sea views. We construct new residential apartment complexes, which are perfect for living and renting.

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Apartments for sale in Marbella, Costa del Sol – a prestigious resort in Europe

Marbella is a beautiful coastal and extremely popular touristic town on the Costa del Sol in Spain. Together with the elite suburban settlements, stretches for 28 km along the Mediterranean coast. Narrow streets, galleries, museums, beautiful Orange Square and the fabulous marble promenade are a magnet for tourists to the city from around the world. This picturesque place steeped in long history, is one of the most prestigious resorts in Spain.

History and the Present

The first settlements on the site date back to the Pre-Roman era. The name of the city gave the local phrase Mar-bella (which means Beautiful Sea). Over the next centuries, Marbella falls under the authority of Rome, the Arabs and the kings of Castile. The current stage of the history of the city began after the Second World War. For half a century the city turned from fishing village into a tourist center of world importance.

Authorities in Marbella put a lot of effort to make the city attractive. In addition to infrastructure, much attention was paid to the cultural heritage: preserved Arab fortress wall, old churches and magnificent ruins of Roman villas with basil. Throughout the city there are placed many sculptures of eccentric Salvador Dali, opened a museum of bonsai trees and engravings. For the entertainment of tourists it provides numerous shops, clubs, bars, discos, theatres and other establishments.

Property Features

Villas and apartments in Marbella are quite expensive, so buying in times of crisis makes them acquire highly profitable investment. In the city there is a unique residential area of Sierra Blanca with luxury villas, designed by the best architects of Spain. Luxury Property in Marbella is popular among show-business stars, businessmen, politicians. More modest, but not less cozy are classic houses and apartments in modern residential complexes can be purchased for rental. Summer apartments in Marbella are particularly fond for the tourists who come to enjoy the original atmosphere of the old town.

How to buy property in Spain?

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Puerto Banús – The Luxury Mediterranean Harbor

This luxurious haven in the Mediterranean is a magnet for tourists from around the world. It attracts more than 5 million tourists per year, including many celebrities. More than 40 years ago, the Spanish businessman Jose Banús visited the coastal town that bore the name “Benabola” and he had the idea to realize the project of the most elegant harbor in the Mediterranean. Built the most beautiful “Marina” on the coast was entrusted to the Swiss architect Noldo Shrek. In 1970, in Marbella, on the site of sand dunes that go into agricultural plantation finally grew Puerto Banus.

At the opening ceremony were invited many dignitaries and celebrities: Prince of Asturias, Don Juan Carlos and Doña Sofia,  Roman Polanski, the founder of «Playboy» Hugh Hefner and many others. At a party organized by then sounded live music, and while still young Julio Iglesias performed their repertoire.

Star Resort

The harbor of Puerto Banús is a constant interest of the world’s celebrities and most influent people which come yearly. On the pier moored their white yachts, perfectly in harmony with the surrounding nature. The harbor is a kind of exhibition of celebrities, yachts, cars, boutiques, restaurants, clubs and beautiful people. Even though luxury is something very normal to see in this port, it doesn’t mean it is only for people who enjoy luxury. Youth, adults everyone enjoys the port for its variety of restaurants, bars, discos, different atmospheres…

Many onlookers stroll, looking luxury cars of prestigious brands such as Rolls Royce, Lamborghini, Aston Martin, Ferrari, Bentley and elegant yachts, some of which are not even removed anchor for the whole year. In the harbor you can always see some 150 ocean Futovikov (yachts longer than 45 meters), the owners of which are essentially “oil” sheiks and tycoons.

Properties for sale in Puerto Banús

In Puerto Banús there is one of the largest hypermarkets of the Spanish retail chain “El Corte Ingles” and the shopping center “Marina Banus”. In the evening you can walk along the beautiful promenade that will take you to Marbella. This became possible in 2010, with the discovery of a wooden pedestrian bridge length of 70 meters above the river “Rio Verde”.

Every holidaymaker on the Costa del Sol means should visit Puerto Banús. There are many boutiques and fine restaurants. Thousands tourists visit it each year. Many of them have realized their dream – to buy apartments in Puerto Banús, Marbella.

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